Top 5 PMP® Benefits for Organizations

Have More Successful Projects

Would you like more of your organization’s projects to be successful?

PMP® certification makes better project managers.  Better project managers make more projects successful.  Studies show that organizations with more PMP® certified project managers have more successful projects.  Specifically,

  • Organizations with more than one-third of their project managers PMP® certified complete more of their projects on time, on budget, and meeting original goals.1
  • Organizations that prioritize the project management skills of the PMI Talent Triangle™ are 6 times more likely to have at least 80% of their projects successfully completed on time, on budget, and meeting business goals.2

Reach Strategic Goals

Would you like to be recognized for helping your organization reach its strategic goals?

Strategic goals are met by implementing successful projects.  High-performing organizations successfully meet project goals 2 ½ times more often. (90% v. 36%)3  High-performing organizations are those that have more PMP® certified project managers, and that place much more emphasis on developing project management skills.  If you want your team, department, or organization to have the level of project success that is needed to support your organization’s strategic goals (and to get the recognition you deserve for it), then your first step is to get your people PMP® certified.

Save Money

Are you hesitant to spend the money?

You want to spend your money wisely.  You are not one to spend money without first being confident that it will pay off.  You know that careful investments in quality, and in sharpening the saw, are worth it.  The good news is that PMP® certification is a training investments that has a measurable return.  The benefit comes from the money you save by avoiding the wasted money spent on failed projects. The Project Management Institute (PMI) has shown that high-performing organizations waste 21 times less money on inefficient and failed projects.4  That is money well spent.  Getting your people PMP® certified will actually save you money.

Attract and Retain the Best People

You want the best people on your team, right?

The best people want to be associated with success.  Your investment in your people’s project management skills will not only demonstrate your commitment to them, but will bring the success that attracts and retains the best people.  Your people will be pleased with your commitment to their ongoing education, and your organization will have more successful projects, which makes working for you more enjoyable and rewarding.  Your reputation for success will attract the attention of the best people in your industry. Think what it would do to have these people want to work for you.

Get More Clients

Are you a vendor of products and services?  

More and more clients require that you have PMP® certified managers on the projects you do for them.  This is especially true when working for government agencies or large organizations. Even if it is not specifically listed as a requirement, vendors with PMP® certified project managers will have an advantage over those that do not.  Be eligible for more opportunities, and be selected more often, by having your project managers earn their PMP® certification.

PMI and PMP are registered marks of Project Management Institute, Inc.

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