Top 5 PMP® Benefits for IT Professionals

23% Higher Salary

Would you like a higher salary?

Those with the PMP® certification earn 23% on average.  More precisely, Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Earning Power Report reveals a significant advantage in earning potential for PMP® certified practitioners. Survey respondents holding the Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification report higher median salaries than those without a PMP certification―23% higher on average across the 37 countries surveyed. Of course it is not likely to happen immediately, but PMP® certification can put you on the path to earning more.  The top 25% received salary increases of at least 5% in the previous 12 months. Also consider that 23% is just the average difference it makes to have your PMP®.  Half the people are above average. Why not you? The difference it makes for you could be even greater. In my case, my salary (which was already six figures) increased by 50% within 3 years of getting my PMP® certification (back in 2005), and by 100% within 6 years.

Career Advancement

Do you want to move up into management?

Organizations are increasingly looking for managers with proven abilities in both project management and information technology.  PMP® certification can demonstrate your abilities and help you move up – or move on – to a more influential and rewarding role. Organizations like to promote their best technical people into management.  Having your PMP® can give you the edge you need to be the one selected for a management role. The knowledge and skills that you learn in the process of earning your PMP® will increase your ability to ensure success on your projects.  Success will open up more opportunities for advancement. On the other hand, if you are looking to make a move to a different organization, PMP® certification may be required for the opportunities you want to apply for. At the very least, it will give you an advantage over those applicants who do not have their PMP®.

Recognition & Credibility

Do you want people to listen?

You can demonstrate your project management expertise with PMP® certification.  The PMP® is recognized the world over as the gold standard in project management.  As of April 30, 2019, over 914,000 project management professionals have earned their PMP® certification.  People are more likely to listen to your advice and recommendations if you have proven that you have the experience and abilities needed for PMP® certification.  Having “PMP” after your name instantly provides you with an increased level of credibility. That recognition will only grow as people interact with you and realize how much you know about project management.

Greater PM Skills

Would you like to increase your project management abilities?

Earning your PMP® is not easy.  The work, training, and study that you will have to do will further your already growing project management skills.  It will provide you with the industry standard vocabulary, framework, tools, and techniques that will make you a better project manager.  People often ask whether great project managers are born or made. My answer is both. The best project managers are those with the aptitude and personality for project management, combined with a concerted effort to learn and apply the profession’s best practices.  You will also join a community of nearly a million PMP® certified professionals that you can reach out to for guidance, advice, and insights.

More Successful Projects

Would you like work to be more enjoyable?

We have all been on projects that have failed.  Projects that have run late, gone over budget, lacked executive support, or failed to meet customer needs.  No one likes working on or being associated with failed projects. The knowledge and skills that you learn for PMP® certification will give you the tools you need to avoid these types of situations on your projects, or to effectively deal with these issues when they come up.  This will allow you to turn these projects around, to be associated with project success, and even to become renowned for rescuing projects in distress. How would you like to be the person that executives and clients come to when they have a project that is out of control – because they know that you will get it back on track?

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