Our No-Nonsense Guarantee

Eligibility Requirements

  • Take the PM Ready™ PMP® Exam Prep Course for IT Professionals
  • Follow the instructions in the course, including joining PMI
  • Take and pass the course assessment
  • Take and pass at least 2 of the full-length practice exams included in the course’s PMP® Exam Simulator
  • Adhere to the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

If you have done the above, and then you failed the PMP® exam, you are eligible for a full refund of the price you paid for the course.

To Apply for a Full Refund

To apply, send an email to [email protected] with the following:

  • Your full name
  • Your PMI membership number
  • The email address you used to purchase the course, sign in to the PM Ready™ course online, take and pass the course assessment, and take and pass at least 2 of the course’s full-length practice exams in the courses PMP® Exam Simulator. (You must use the same email address for all of these.)
  • The email you received from PMI approving your application
  • A copy of your exam results from the testing center
  • The email you received from PMI indicating that you failed the exam
  • A screenshot of your PMI dashboard that shows you failed the exam
  • A description of why you think you failed
  • Suggestions for what we can do to improve the course

We will review your application for a refund, confirm the information you’ve submitted, and refund your purchase (by crediting the card that you used to purchase the course) within 10 business days.