Don’t Get Your CAPM®!

What’s the Difference Between PMP® and CAPM® Certification?

The CAPM® certificate is what I would call “PMP® Lite.”  Officially, it’s the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)®.  It’s like an Associate’s Degree, whereas the PMP® is like a Bachelor’s Degree.

The CAPM® is not as widely recognized, and probably won’t help you much in advancing your career.  The real advantage comes with the PMP®.  

The only reason to spend the time and money on CAPM® certification is as a stepping-stone to the PMP® if you don’t have the project management experience required by the PMP®.  And even then, I wouldn’t recommend it unless you are confident that CAPM® certification will benefit you financially. Otherwise, you’re better off taking a bit longer, and going for the PMP®.

You don’t see job postings that require CAPM®.  You see job postings that require PMP®.  

When does it makes sense to get your CAPM®?  

Only when all of the following are true:

  1. You will be able to move up in your organization (either financially or in position) by earning your CAPM®
  2. You don’t have the experience for the PMP®
  3. Your organization will pay for your CAPM®
  4. By earning your CAPM® now, you won’t lose the option of having your organization pay for you PMP® later when you have the required experience

Otherwise, don’t waste your time and money on the CAPM®.  Go for the PMP® instead.

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