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Eric O. Isom, PMP

Within 3 years of getting my PMP® certification, my salary (which was already 6 figures), increased by 50%.  Within 6 years, it increased by 100%.

Getting my PMP® allowed me to get a project management consulting position with Rio Tinto.  The skills and abilities I had learned in order to get my PMP® impressed the managers there, and they hired me to be responsible for their software systems, support team, and development team for North and South America.  As my responsibilities grew, so did my compensation. It wasn’t long before I was earning 50% more. Three years later, I was on an international assignment in Outer Mongolia (literally) managing a multi-million dollar IT project, and earning 100% more than when I got my PMP®.  

PMP® certification paid off more than getting my MBA.  The MBA was a fine education, but it wasn’t until years later, when I got my PMP® certification, that my career jumped to the next level of responsibility and reward.  Not only did PMP® certification make more of a difference, it cost much less than the MBA.

Since then, I’ve been able to take my family around the world managing projects, and I’ve had the means to take time off and spend weeks, months, even a year at a time with my family traveling and living abroad.

Now I want to help others learn how to manage projects successfully, and the first step is to become a certified Project Management Professional (PMP)®.

Anne Isom

He’s the left-brain, I’m the right. He writes the content, I make it look nice.

Bella Isom

To be announced… I do stuff.